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One-on-one swim coaching for Triathletes and open water swimmers

If you are a triathlete or open water swimmer aiming to improve your confidence and open water performance, then this is for you.

Swimming efficiency and speed  is dependent on technique. Swimming up and down a pool for hours will make you fitter, but not much faster, Subtle changes in technique can make a big difference. These sessions have a strong focus on technical proficiency.

What's included?

  • Individual stroke feedback

  • Learn the top drills and skills for efficient freestyle

  • Physical and mental skills for open water swimming

  • Increased confidence to deal with any conditions

  • Learn how to not freak out on race day

  • Learn efficient sighting and breathing

  • Interesting and fun workouts

  • Session plans for the sessions you may do by yourself

  • Learn Mark's Secret Sauce techniques for open water swim success!

One-on-one Coaching Sessions:

  • Personalised one-on-one training sessions focusing on technique, endurance, and strategy in swimming.

  • $90 per hour session, depending on your location and experience.

  • 4 sessions for $320 

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